About GovEnergy

GovEnergy celebrates its 12th year as the Federal Government's premier energy training workshop and tradeshow.

In 2008, the Federal government spent $23.8 billion in energy expenditures for its facilities, operations, and vehicles. Under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Federal agencies are required to reduce their energy consumption per gross square foot annually by 2 percent. Executive Order 132423 and EISA 2007 require a 30% reduction in energy consumed by 2015. In order to meet these goals, the Federal Government will need to make significant investments in energy conservation products, services and projects. The goal of GovEnergy is to assist attendees in identifying ways to meet these mandates while effectively performing their jobs.

GovEnergy offers participants:

  • Networking opportunities with colleagues and nationally recognized energy experts
  • A tradeshow featuring energy-saving technologies and services
  • Technical tours
  • Pre-and post workshop events