"Greening" the Workshop in 2009

For the seventh year running, GovEnergy has plans to obtain emissions credits to offset the environmental impact of its energy training workshop.

Green electricity produced by the highly efficient power plants counterbalances pollution that would be created by generating the same amount of electricity by traditional means. For the 2008 show in Phoenix, Arizona, emission credits offset over 6,700 pounds of sulfur dioxide (1,060 percent); 2,373 pounds of nitrogen oxides (100 percent); over 960 tons of carbon dioxide (100 percent); and more than 23 times the mercury pollution to be discharged into the atmosphere from energy related to the workshop, including utilities, travel, meals, lodging, and other show-related activities.

For its Providence, Rhode Island show in 2009, GovEnergy plans to offset as much or more pollution as it did in 2008.

Additional Ways We are "Greening" This Year's Event

In addition to receiving emissions reduction credits, here are additional ways we are "greening" this year's event:

  • Instituting green requirements in hotel and convention center contracts; The Rhode Island Convention Center recycles about 62.5% of its total waste, utilizes energy efficient lighting, and uses Green chemicals in its water treatment program.
  • Choosing hotels close to the workshop site, reducing travel to and from training sessions.
  • Providing conference information electronically via email and internet and encouraging paperless registrations.
  • Reducing paper waste at check-in, utilizing computerized systems to issue name badges.
  • Keeping handouts to a bare minimum by asking speakers to utilize PowerPoint presentations and posting their presentations to the GovEnergy website at the close of the event.
  • Offering exhibitors the option of a paperless lead-tracking system.
  • Requiring the Rhode Island Convention Center to minimize their use of disposable cups, plates, and condiments.
  • Analyzing prior years' meal functions to better estimate overall food requirements; drinking water will be available by request.
  • Recycling name badges at the closing luncheon.